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HoshinesiliconsignedastrategiccooperationframeworkagreementwiththeYunnanprovincial governmenttobuildanintegratedbaseforgreenhydro-siliconprocessing

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On December5th, 2019, Cheng Hao, the secretary of provincial party committee, governorRuan Chengfa in Kunming, Yunnan province, met with the chairman and generalmanager Luo Liguo from Hoshine silicon, the two sides held friendly talks andsigned a strategic cooperation framework agreement, will work in Zhaotongsilicon circular economy of the hydropower projects construction, hand in handto build green hydropower base silicon processing integration.

On theimplementation of the provincial party committee, the provincial government onhydropower silicon processing integrated development plan, the ground aroundthe practical and efficient to promote cooperation projects, ecologicalenvironmental protection, create good development environment, strengthen thewhole process of security services hydropower silicon, the resultant force topromote the whole industry chain development, the power quality of Yunnanleapfrog development.

Hoshinesilicon will rely on natural resources in Yunnan province, clean energy, humanresources and advantages of the company research and development of newmaterials, cooperate with Zhaotong silicon circular economy of the hydropowerprojects construction, together building a green water and electricityintegration of silicon processing base, hand in hand to create silicon newmaterial industrial clusters in Yunnan, boosting Yunnan poverty engines andmanufacturing high quality development.

Vice governor of Yunnan province Dong Hua,government general secretary Yang Jie, the municipal party committee secretaryYang Yalin, mayor Guo Dajin and other municipal leaders, Hoshine chairman ofthe board of director and assistant Luo Yedong, director and the boardsecretary Gong Jiping, silicon industrial division president Cong Dongzhu,project chief engineer and director Zhu Enhua, general manager of Hoshine(Luzhou) Chen Jiangang, general manager assistant Liu Chengbin and ZhouAo etc,attended the meeting and signed the contract.